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The Future of Research is now a thing

After enduring years of steady erosion of their funding, pay, career opportunities and work/life balance, it’s great to see researchers taking things into their own hands and getting behind a truly grassroots organization like Future Of Research (FOR) that was founded in October 2014 to address these issues.

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Python For The Life Sciences: Table of contents now available

Our book Python For The Life Sciences is now nearing publication. Quite a number of people have asked us to release a table of contents for the book, so without further ado, here is the first draft of the table of contents.

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Welcome to "The Digital Biologist"

Just as the invention of the moving picture gave rise to the cinematographer, the technological advances that are now making it possible to model and simulate complex living systems on a computer are giving rise to a brand new profession - that of The Digital Biologist.

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