Big pharma looks to reinvent itself


The steadily worsening fortunes of the pharmaceutical sector have been explored at some length here. See for example: The staggering cost of inventing new drugs or A new prescription for the pharmaceutical industry. The latest big pharma company to announce a major facelift is Astra Zeneca, which has already been steadily reducing its headcount and closing facilities for some time now. On the heels of the already significant restructuring that Astra Zeneca has enacted over the last couple of years, the company has recently doubled-down on this strategy in announcing further layoffs and reorganization, and the acquisition of some new technology that it is hoped, will turn around its R&D fortunes. In this recently published and interesting Forbes article, David Shaywitz looks at the dilemma facing big pharma companies like Astra Zeneca and ways in which they might rebuild productive and profitable R&D portfolios.

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