Digital Biology group on LinkedIn

For those of you who are interested in the future of digital biology or who are already working in this new field, there is an active group for digital biology on LinkedIn. You will need a LinkedIn account to access the group but if you do just so happen to be one of the few professionals on the planet who is not already on LinkedIn, you can set up an account for free in just a few minutes and applications to join the Digital Biology group are normally approved the same day. Clicking on the LinkedIn logo above will take you to the LinkedIn homepage if you need to set yourself up with an account. In addition to the benefits of networking with an active group of people who share your interests, more and more members are posting jobs and announcements for upcoming conferences and workshops, making the group an excellent professional resource for those who are pursuing careers in this exciting field.

Already on LinkedIn? Just click on the Digital Biology group logo to go directly to the group's homepage.

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