Not yet as popular as Grumpy Cat but …

Usage-Q1-2014… in the first quarter of 2014, “The Digital Biologist” was read in 70 countries around the world. So while it’s very unlikely that the high octane, rollercoaster world of computational biology will ever have the pulling power of internet memes like a comically sour-faced kitty or the lyrical stylings of Justin Bieber, what we lack in numbers we certainly make up for in geographical diversity. Can Grumpy Cat or Justin Bieber claim a following in Liechtenstein for example? Neither can we actually, but we can make that claim for Sierra Leone (if you can really call a single reader a “following” – thank you mysterious Sierra Leone Ranger, whoever you are :-).

Anyway, wherever you are visiting from, thank you all so much for your readership and don’t forget that you can also join the conversation via the LinkedIn Digital Biology Group and at our FaceBook page.

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